IMG_20170417_230113_655.jpgIt was my first time. 

Nervous I was like a kid – cold hands, wrenching stomach and sweaty forehead.

 He handed me his ‘God’. I looked at his eyes – still like water, sparkling and constant. Those stillness of his eyes gave me confidence. 

I took it from him – his God. My shaky hands were ready now. 

I could feel inside me the leashed snake moving its tail. Sleaky – looking for something, searching. 

And I did it. His God was inside me.

Those snake eyes were looking at me, straight and without any confusion. I knew I was the target. The slow sleaky snake was unleashed now. It made its move. Its pace increased. It came closer and closer and closer and finally did it. 

I was inside.

And there I found solace…


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