Being Me.

photogrid_1480739082265Alone is a bad word. I never felt good about it. I actually prayed for people going through this word in their lives.

And then I fell into the same exact situation.

I felt bad for me.

I prayed for me.

I cried for me.

I tried finding reasons. I tried reasoning. Big words like self respect, priorities, heart and soul found places in the first pages of my vocal dictionary.

Then I decided to leave the mess and ignore.

‘Ignorance is bliss’- Bullshit.

I decided to be stone self outside and coined it as ‘moving on’. Again a WHITE LIE.

I thought this way I would go into depression. My mirror selfie lol’d.

What was the way out of it? Why did I’ve to fight it? Did I just lose my mind?

Time was the way out.

I was afraid of the term and the overthought meaning. Hence, I was fighting it.

No, I didn’t lose my mind but yeah it was a 25% difficult life situation.

There is nothing like ‘being alone’ or ‘being in a crowd yet feeling alone’. You always have your Me to look after and enjoy with. I’ve started believing that half of such People Life Situations happen when a) one’s individual self takes a back burner position and b) expectations starts to bud.

I survived and am still surviving. I’ve stopped praying and feeling bad for people who are alone because they always have themselves to look after and enjoy. Because it is ultimately me who I’ve to teach to love, look after and make a successful individual.

People come. Few stay. Few you keep holding. Few have lessons. Few are bad choices. Few leave.

But Me stays!

Look after that Me.

Because Me happens only once!



3 thoughts on “Being Me.

  1. Me happens only once. Beautiful.

    Everyone has emotions…. It’s amazing how some of us find the perfect words to describe them and make the world experience those emotions as their own.

    You’re extraordinary talented (and emotional). God bless ya.


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